A cannabis farm set-up, shotguns and cables were found at Thingley caravan site near Corsham.

The Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act warrant was executed in the early hours of October 26, where a cannabis cultivation set-up was found, but the cannabis had already been moved.

During the warrant, £30,000 worth of Network Rail cabling was found, and three dismantled shotguns were recovered and sent away for forensic analysis.

All the finds were on public land and are not attributable to any of the residents.

Detective Sergeant Anthony King, said: "This was a positive warrant. Although no arrests have been made, a large amount of cabling was seized and this is being investigated by British Transport Police as it is believed it belongs to Network Rail.

"Three shotguns were also seized from the site and enquiries are ongoing.

"Community intelligence is key to tackling crime within our neighbourhoods and we would always encourage anyone with information to call 101."