NEARLY two months after a woman's dogs chased two ewes in a field in Rowde, near Devizes, she has been given a police caution.

The woman admitted that her dogs were responsible for livestock worrying on September 19 after she allowed them to cross the field without being on a lead.

A police spokesman said: "The police caution will stay on her criminal record for five years and if she comes to police attention again for a similar or repeat incident she will be required to attend court.

"The incident occurred when the woman’s two dogs, who were not on a lead, were out of control in a private field used to graze livestock and attacked two ewes. The dogs chased the ewes, which were a rare breed of Oxford Down Sheep, causing one sheep to sustain a leg injury and a second to jump into a barbed wire fence in an effort to escape one of the dogs who had locked onto it.

"The woman was spoken to by the land owner prior to the incident and asked repeatedly to recall her dogs which she failed to do. The dog owner made no attempt to recall or regain control of the dogs while the incident unfolded."

The landowner did not request compensation as the animal’s injuries were managed on site by their experienced shepherd and the ewes have made a good recovery since the attack.

Rural Crime Officer PC Marc Jackson said: “Dog owners need to be responsible when out walking in the Wiltshire countryside. Stick to the signposted public footpaths and byways and if you see livestock keep your dog on a lead and under control. Livestock worrying is a criminal offence and can be very distressing for the farmers and small holders who have to deal with the financial and emotional aftermath of a dog attack.”