A HEAD GIRL and a team of fellow students put together a charity event that raised £5,600 for Help4Refugees.

Farida Adewale, the head girl at St Mary’s School, in Calne, and members of the Head Girls’ team Alice de Wesselow, Amber Dunne, Olivia Guy Jenkins and Sophie West, organised the charity event which took place on September 20, after meeting founder of Help4Refugees Jordan Hattar earlier in the year and being inspired by the charity’s work.

Pupils from St Mary’s read poems and took part in musical performances.

Those who attended also had the chance to bid on artwork produced by some of the pupils.

Mr Hattar gave a heart-warming speech, and guests spoke to a Sryian doctor called Omar on Skype.

Farida said: “I am extremely happy that this event was a success.

“For me, the highlight of the evening was speaking to Omar, a Syrian doctor, on Skype. Omar is one of the few doctors remaining in Syria. He communicated the problems faced by Syrians to us; hearing from Omar himself showed us the urgency of the situation. A problem that he highlighted was the lack of midwives and for this reason, all the money we raised from the event will be going towards a Syrian midwife-training centre.

“I am grateful to members of the school community for supporting us throughout the planning process, to parents for attending and donating generously and most importantly, to Jordan for returning and sharing the story of thousands of Syrians.”