A PRIMARY school headteacher has joined a city trend in her bid to keep her pupils fit even when they are working at their desks.

Jackie Chalk from Seend Primary, near Devizes, has bought standing desks for children in years five and six by being creative with her budget.

She believes the new desks will not only boost health but could also help them do well in their SATs tests after they proved popular during a trial run in the class.

She said: "Our purpose is to reduce sedentary behaviour and encourage activity throughout the day for our older children who would otherwise spend a lot of the day sitting at their desks.

“I had sports funding waiting to be spent and didn’t feel I needed to supplement our provision of sports opportunities and equipment, so decided to use some of the budget to make what we hope will be a long-term impact on the health and habits of our children.”

So she has invested in 12 standing desks from supplier Sit-Stand.Com.

A spokesman for the company said: "Doubling the bank of desks purchased from Sit-Stand.Com for the original trial, is a massive vote of confidence in the product – and a clear demonstration of the school’s commitment to securing the best possible outcome for its students.

"Our desk boasts simple technology, making it easy for the children themselves to operate, and sits on easy-roll casters meaning learning groups can be quickly re-configured or the room cleared for floor work.

"A bottle holder and pencil tray make them perfect for the classroom. "

Mrs Chalk said children had given the unconventional desks the thumbs up saying they felt more alert, more comfortable and more active.

The school has also bought fitness trackers for the children to wear, so they can compare the daily step count of those using the standing desks with others who are using traditional school desks and chairs.

Rik Mistry, Sit-Stand.Com’s Head of Business Development, said: “We are experiencing bumper and growing demand for our adjustable low-cost standing desks.

“There is much compelling medical evidence that prolonged sitting can contribute to major health issues, so getting the active working message across early not only helps prevent issues such as child obesity, but also helps boost creativity and energy levels - vital to help youngsters perform at their best.”