SCORCHING weather enticed the crowds to The Green for the first day of the Devizes International Street Festival.

Hundreds of people of all ages made the most of the weather as they were entertained by an eclectic mix of street artists and musicians on Sunday.

Trees that for the past two years of the festival were used to shelter from the rain this time provided welcome shade from the sun on one of the hottest days of the year.

Life sized Grass Men were definitely feeling the heat as they wandered The Green gathering an admiring crowd as they went. Creator Ashley Peevor said: "It is fantastic seeing the response to them. People expect the grass to be man made but love it when they realise it is real."

The various drinks tents did a roaring trade while queues gathered for ice cream as people found different ways to stay cool. But one act had his own way of avoiding the heat as he rowed a boat complete with his own dark cloud and plenty of rain.

Musician Rodney Branigan urged his audience not to forget their hats and sun tan lotion.

Loz Samuels the artistic director of Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts, responsible for all the events during carnival fortnight, was delighted that the weather was dry.

Last year when she took charge for the first time many acts had to be rescheduled and the day lost some of its momentum. The previous year a high wire act went ahead despite the rain but the performer had to curtail some of his riskier moves.

David Buxton from the organising committee was delighted with the turnout. He said: "It is fantastic to see so many people enjoying themselves."

Today (Monday) the action moves to the Market Place.