Lavington School headteacher Sarah Lowkis said her pupils' results had exceeded expectations at a time of great educational turmoil.

Mrs Lokis, said: "We are thrilled with the results for our Year 11 students, again some amazing achievements for both individuals and the whole school, amidst a time of great educational turmoil.

"Our congratulations goes to them all, for their commitment and hard work which has led students exceeding our expectations - 76 per cent of students sitting exams gained a standard pass in both English and mathematics, which compares favourably to previous years and upholds the high standards at Lavington School.

"We are particularly pleased that 52 per cent of students achieved strong passes in both English and maths and over 25per cent of students gained 5 or more A*-A grades or equivalents.

"We are very proud of all our students whatever their ability and wish them every success in their next steps."

She particularly praised students, Emma Boggart and Ellie Brown, who she said had a fabulous set of the highest grades they could possibly have achieved, 9A*s, 3 grade 9s and A^ in further maths.

She said: "Our best students were Emma Bogert (1 A^ and 12 A* equivalent), Ellie Brown (1 A^ and 12 A* equivalent), Deavin Fok (13 A* equivalent), Lauren Bridewell (9 A* equivalent and 4 A), Claudia Burn-Leefe and Mary Edwards (7 A* equivalent and 6 A), Lucy Hadlow (12 A* equivalent and 1 A), Heather Hodgson and Harry McGill (9 A* equivalent and 3 A)."