PROUD sister Emma Bridewell is hoping people will back her brother's fundraising endeavours as he tries to build a better life for his daughter who suffers from a form of epilepsy.

Her niece Olivia Bridwell, eight, underwent complicated brain surgery a few month ago to try and relieve the seizures she suffers because of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

Her mechanic dad Ben, 31, has been fundraising for more than year to make alterations to the family home at West View Crescent, Devizes.

He has just returned from taking part in the Ultra Great Britain 200 run to raise money to make the garden of their home safe for her to play.

But 81 miles into the 200 mile non-stop race Mr Bridwell was forced to pull out as his foot was so swollen. His sister said: "He was in so much pain that he had to stop but all he could think about was that he was letting people down.

"But I am really proud of him and know he will continue with the fundraising."

Last year he completed a full iron man run as well as three coastal marathons in three days. His wife Sara, 31, said: "Livy underwent brain surgery in January to help control her seizures.

"Thankfully it was successful but having an epilepsy condition like LGS dictates that she will eventually get some seizures back and her surgery was not a cure, she still takes daily medications and we're thankful for every day that she is seizure free but we also have to be realisitic about the future which is why we currently have our garden full of builders to make our house safe for her, especially as we still have Livy's autism to deal with on a daily basis.

"We did have a fund for the garden but due to unforeseen drainage issues this has been used up."

The couple who also have a younger daughter Ella, three, need money for basic garden materials such as fencing, turf and a small area of decking.

So far Mr Bridewell's fundraising from the Ultra Great Britain has reached £1,478.

His wife and sister both think he is a hero despite no completing the run. Mrs Bridewell said: "He doesn't accept praise but the girls and I think he is awesome."

He has already signed up to take part in an iron man event in Lanzarote next year. Go to