CALNE'S longest serving town councillor said it was a great honour to be elected as the town's new mayor at the annual mayor making ceremony this week even though some councillors refused to wear the ceremonial gowns.

Councillor Tony Trotman, who has served as Calne's mayor twice before, took over from Councillor Tom Rounds after being unanimously elected at the meeting held in the Town Hall on Monday night. Councillor Howard Marshall was elected as his deputy in front of his colleagues, a quarter of whom refused to wear the traditional gowns and hats.

"It is a great honour that my name has been put forward once again," Coun Trotman said. "Tom has done a splendid job this year and he has even done the impossible in getting Calne into the Guinness Book of World Records.

"I was extremely sceptical when he said last year that it was going to happen but it was a fantastic evening for everyone involved."

Coun Trotman, who has served the town council for more than 20 years, was nominated by his deputy and Councillor Heather Canfer as his experience will be invaluable to many new councillors elected for their first term.

The hall, which was filled with dozens of citizens, also heard from outgoing mayor Councillor Tom Rounds who praised the town and his staff over the last year for their hard work.

He said: "I am now at the end of my term as the mayor in this warm hearted town. Last year we hosted our twin towns very successfully and many thanks must go to the councillors for organising those events.

"We won gold in South West in Bloom once again which is no mean feat for our council staff and participants. We had national media acclaim with the Bible Society for our world record attempt for the most people in a nativity scene.

"I would like to thank my dedicated staff who work diligently behind the scenes for the whole town. It is a truism that you never notice when everything runs smoothly so I ask everyone here to make good use of the wonderful facilities in this town."