A FREE fitness roadshow came to Malborough on Saturday to demonstrate the link between physical activity and mental health.

Lift Your Mind, which is the brainchild of trainer and entrepreneur Sara Southey, showed people how to use everyday household objects as weights to design a workout you can do at home, for free, at any time.

Mrs Southey, 45, teamed up with Mind to run a series of workshops across the country, challenging residents to pit themselves against other towns to see who could lift the most weights, from tins of beans to heavy shopping bags, and see how the town compares to other stops on the schedule.

"The experience in each town has been different but the message is the same – take care of your physical health and you will boost your wellbeing," she said.

"Even a small change in physical activity can boost your morale, give you a sense of achievement and help you to feel better in yourself."

Mrs Southey says she fell in love with exercise after a bout of anxiety and depression herself. She points out that weightlifting isn't just for men; women can benefit from improved metabolism and better posture, as well as burning excess body fat and boosting confidence.

"Many people are put off by going to the gym and lifting intimidating weights but we carry around everyday heavy objects all the time, such as shopping bags without realising."

The Southey Way is a 12-week course that can be adapted for all fitness levels. To find out more visit www.thesoutheyway.com/liftyourmind or follow #LiftYourMind on Facebook and Twitter.