THREE Wiltshire Councillors will be taking their places at the cabinet table for the first time after leader Jane Scott announced her top team which is a blend of old and new faces.

Baroness Scott will continue as leader for the next four years while Allison Bucknell has moved up from vice chairman to chairman of the council and replaces Richard Britton. James Sheppard is the new vice chairman.

Philip Whitehead has moved from looking after highways, transport and waste to take over the portfolio for finance and IT. He said this week: "I think it will be an interesting as IT plays such a significant role."

His old job has been taken by cabinet newcomer Bridget Wayman who represents Nadder and East Knoyle. She was a Wiltshire County Councillor from 2004 until 2008 and then became a Wiltshire Councillor. She is married with two grown up sons and is nearing the end of her studies for a masters in town and country planning.

The man with the unforgettable name, Minty councillor Chuck Berry, also joins the cabinet as boss of economic development and housing. He believes in listening to what people say and gauging public opinion. He has a business background including running a company dealing with public toilets.

The third newcomer is Richard Clever who represents Downton and Ebble Valley who takes over corporate services, heritage, arts and tourism.

The cabinet is also made up of deputy leader John Thomson with the portfolio for communications, communities, leisure and libraries, Laura Mayes for children, education and skills, Jerry Wickham, adult social care, public health and public protection and Toby Sturgis, planning and property.

Mr Wickham is likely to have one of the toughest jobs as Baroness Scott has made it clear that tackling social care is top of her agenda. She said: "My first priority is to set out what we will be delivering over the next four years and how we will continue to focus on our vision and priorities. "Given the challenges we continue to face; both our budget constraints and rising demand for services, we will need to grasp every opportunity to do things differently and continue to encourage our local communities to become even stronger.

“I was pleased to announce my new cabinet, which has seen continuity of some members and expertise, combined with new members and new skills. Working with the council, partners, key stakeholders and local communities, we will strive to provide the very best services for all Wiltshire residents."