AFTER two years of uncertainty over whether the Christmas tree will go up in Marlborough town centre, the town's Rotary Club has welcomed the news that the town council will run the festive market in the future.

In both 2015 and 2016, the club faced a nervous wait over whether Wiltshire Council would give them the two parking spaces they need to put up the High Street Christmas tree, before finding a solution in the nick of time.

But last week it was agreed the town council would take over over the market from Wiltshire Council, as part of its efforts to cut costs and transfer services to town and parish councils.

The Rotary Club has supported the decision and says it are looking forward to putting the troubles behind it as the town council has said its will do its utmost to make sure the club gets the 49 days and free parking it needs for the Christmas tree.

President-elect Cedric Hollinsworth said: "We are not worried about this at all, in fact we welcome this change. We have an excellent relationship with the town council and I am sure that will continue.

"There was some confusion last year and that has been resolved. We are certainly not expecting any difficulties this year. The Rotary Club will negotiate with the town council after the May elections and we look forward to getting everything sorted."

Two years ago, the club faced a fee of nearly £1,000 for using two car parking spaces to put up the tree for seven weeks, but at the last minute that charge was cancelled.

Last year, Wiltshire Council had to step in at the last moment to give an extra allocation of free parking spaces so the club could put up the tree without having to pay.

Deputy Mayor Mervyn Hall said: "Wiltshire Council suggested were run it to take in some income from all the stall holders and the town council agreed to take it on. The market is a great event and we look forward to running it.

"We will have to sort out all the admin work and get everything in place but we are ready. It should be easier to sort the parking spaces issues as we are now in control of it all. That should end the uncertainty."

Every year the town council is given around 1,100 free parking spaces to share out among the various events held in the town centre.

Town clerk Shelley Parker added: "The town council works closely with the Rotary Club on a number of events and we are looking forward to working alongside them to find the best spaces so they can put up the Christmas tree."

The club has been putting up the town's traditional Christmas tree for the last 12 years.