THE valuable work that the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust do has been bolstered by Marlborough Town Council after they gave them a £350 grant.

The sum was awarded by their finance and policy committee to help the charity which provide free home security for elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged people throughout Wiltshire.

The grant is being ring fenced to provide security equipment at an average cost of £26.50 per home for Marlborough.

After receiving the grant, the charity's director Jennie Shaw said: "This type of support is invaluable. The backing we get from councils such as Marlborough and others across the county and the community is what keeps us going.

"The charity can not rely on any county or central government funding so these donations are very much appreciated. We have been going for 15 years and what we do really does work and helps a lot of people."

The charity also provides a service to victims of domestic violence. Over the last year, 68 homes in Marlborough have been secured, over twice the number the previous year and pro-active, preventative visits have also increased, from 26 to 49.

"They give excellent advice and make people's homes much safer" said Mayor Noel Barrett-Morton.

"Feeling safe and secure in your own home is so important to the elderly within the community. This grant will make a real difference to the lives of some within the town."

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