IF someone was told that a little known business in the heart of Pewsey was taking on Hollywood film studios, not many, if any, would believe it.

But that is precisely what the village's best kept secret the Atlantic Screen Group, situated in the High Street, has done since it formed in 2008.

The independent company has produced more than 100 high profile musical scores, music written specifically to accompany a film or TV show, including blockbusters such as Lone Survivor, with Mark Wahlberg, Escape Plan, starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the upcoming film The Lost City of Z.

The company's creative director Tim Hollier said: "It is very rare that anyone in Pewsey has actually heard of us. 

"We produce and own the music score to the film. We then own the record rights. When you watch a BBC programme for instance, the composer receives royalties from the Performing Rights Society.

"So we own the intellectual property of the composed music, alongside the composer, from origination and will retain ownership of the copyright created for 70 years after the death of the composer.

"For instance, ASG bought the music publishing rights of the Ealing Studio catalogue in 2014, including the more recently produced St Trinian’s series of films.

"Every time one of the films in the catalogue is shown on TV or Cable, the company earns royalties based on a minute of music.

"Most of the scores funded by ASG have at least 60 minutes of music, and a film shown on any European terrestrial channel will earn a royalty of at least £25 per minute, making the average income on each film approximately £1500.

"We have a multi million dollar turnover receiving 80 per cent of our royalty income from overseas, mainly from the US and Europe."

The team is made up of co-founder Simon Fawcett, finance manager Shelley Cryer, Callum Copeland, who handles copyright and royalties, Victoria Tilletson, who deals with music registration, Tania Orchard, head of music administration and Martha Settle who looks at copyright research.

Mr Hollier, who has spent 49 years in film and music industry, says he still has that same drive and determination to succeed and so does his company.

"It is getting better and better and better. I am so proud of what the team have accomplished. I am loving it right now," said Mr Hollier, who lives in Wilcott.

"We have an exceptional team who have a wealth of experience and know exactly what they are doing. We have given local people jobs and we have a very bright future."