CAMPAIGNERS have been canvassing the streets of Chippenham and encouraging people to join a new movement which is looking to change the voting system during an election.

Make Votes Matter is a national campaign which is looking to change the current voting system from first past the post to proportional representation by asking for a referendum to be held.

The Wiltshire branch formed in December and took to the streets of Chippenham at the weekend to inform and encourage people to become involved.

“Some people were very energetic and interested,” said Tina Johnston, member of the Make Votes Matter group in Wiltshire.

“People’s votes are being wasted with the current system, 24 per cent of the vote only got 1.5 per cent of the politicians in Parliament.

“You’d get exactly what it says on the tin with proportional representation and at the moment people feel like their views aren’t being represented.”

It is hoped proportional representation would reduce the disparity between a political party’s percentage of the national vote and its share of the parliamentary votes.

Wiltshire's Make Votes Matter are looking to hold a debate in Chippenham's the Neeld on June 22 where it is hoped MPs James Gray and Michelle Donelan will be attending.

“I would like them to stand their ground and have a good honest debate,” added Miss Johnston.

“There’s a petition calling for a referendum which has nearly 70,000 signatures so we’re pushing to get more people to sign it.

“Make Votes Matter is a great representation of how people from opposing political parties can come together, it’s a very positive thing.”

To sign the petition or for more information, visit