CLASS sizes in Malmesbury School have to increase, after the school heard it will not be receiving more government money.

Head Tim Gilson has warned parents that costs could rise by eight per cent in just three years, without any extra cash to meet them, after the school was told they would not be receiving much needed extra cash as part of the government's recent National Funding Formula Review.

The school is now facing a number of cost-cutting exercises, ranging from bigger class sizes, offering less subjects and making higher charges for clubs and school trips in an attempt to stabilise the budget.

Speaking to the Gazette this week, Mr Gilson said: "I think it is very important that parents of children in Wiltshire schools realise that the proposed school funding formula on top of the increased costs we face mean that schools will have make significant changes.

"You cannot take a minimum of eight per cent out of a school budget with it having an impact. This area is exceptionally fortunate in having so many excellent schools but Wiltshire is being disadvantaged by the new national formula and this is reinforcing historic underfunding of our schools.

"We have all been managing decreasing budgets for many years now and there is now very little slack in the system."

In a letter sent to all parents, he also reveals that Malmesbury School's situation is further complicated by the fact they are a private finance initiative school, meaning they have no say in what they pay to run the site or for management and cleaning, catering and facilities management.

The letter says: "We have always taken a very prudent approach to managing our finances and have avoided deficits and I would like to reassure you that there is no immediate risk of the sort of catastrophic actions that some schools are being forced to consider.

"I would also ask you to please bear with us as we have to make some difficult choices in order to sustain our ability to continue to provide an excellent quality education for our community."

Mr Gilson also implored parents to write to local MP James Gray with their concerns about school funding.

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