HUNDREDS of children across the county have been doing their bit for Children in Need from cake sales to fancy dress to help youngsters less fortunate than themselves.

Sixth formers at Devizes school had their most successful pyjama day yet on Friday, raising an incredible £113.35. Sixth form ambassador Olivia Milburn said: "We as Devizes Sixth Form strongly believe in getting involved for a good cause such as Children In Need.

"We put on a Pyjama Day for the Sixth Form that generated an incredible turnout of people in their Pyjamas and donations. This year has been one of our most successful Pyjama Days thanks to great organisation and spirit. We hope to continue events such as these in the future for our local charity Julia's House."

At Lavington School, staff and students went baking mad with gingerbread and biscuit bears, muffins and cakes, which raised £188 but their Spotacular non uniform day was expected to add to that total.

An outline of Pudsey's face was filled full of loose change at Heddington Primary School in Calne, where staff and students also dressed in onesies for the occasion. Headteacher Ashley Martin said: "We raised £180 in total and we are delighted with it. Children in Need is one of our three main charities we try to support throughout the year and it is important for our children to know that there are children out there who are in need."

Meanwhile students and staff at Sheldon School's sixth form in Chippenham managed to raise almost £800 by dressing up as their favourite film characters. Twenty-six students were also auctioned off to help out as servants for the rest of the school, with more than £3,000 being raised collectively.

Head of Sixth Form, Michael Seeley, said: "Every year we always make a big thing about Children in Need and it’s great to have an opportunity to have a light-hearted day in some respects although the lessons go on. It’s not just about raising money it’s about raising awareness for what the money is used for."

Lastly, the staff at Marlborough's Collingbourne Primary School praised the ingenuity and enterprise of three Year 6 pupils who single-handedly set up and held a cake sale and raised £70.

Headteacher Jeff Mason said: "They did this completely independently and they did brilliantly. They approached us about doing it and we are very glad they did as it really shows fantastic initiative on their part."