AN AUTHOR from the Devizes area has just released his eighth book, chronicling the way Spain had an impact on the lives of British people.

Simon Courtauld, 75, who lives near Etchilhampton, has published his latest page turner, Footprints in Spain, focusing on the lives of British people who have had their lives touched by the Spanish country and lifestyle.

Mr Courtauld said: “I spent a lot of time travelling all over Spain as part of the research for this book. I went everywhere from Toledo to Barcelona, I mainly went to areas which you wouldn’t consider tourist hot spots. I learned a lot when I was doing the research for the book, about all of the people from our country who travelled and lived in Spain.”

In the book, Mr Courtauld discusses the country’s rich history and the way Britons have also left their mark on Spain as well as vice versa.

“One of the most fascinating parts of my research was the Royal College of St Alban in Valladolid. It was founded in 1589 for the training of Catholic priests for the English and Welsh Mission, it was the birthplace of Philip II of Spain. The college still stands today as well so it has left a lasting impression on the country,” said Mr Courtauld.

Other works in Mr Courtauld’s bibliography include Border Life: Travels between Mexico and the USA, The Watkins Boys and Spanish Hours. As well as an accomplished author, Mr Courtauld has also been the legal correspondent for The Times and deputy editor of the Spectator.

Mr Courtauld’s book, Footprints in Spain: British Lives in a Foreign Land, can be bought for £20 at