A CALNE woman who was left shocked and appalled at the death of her dog while on a ferry trip has started a petition in an attempt to stop other pet owner’s from suffering the same loss.

Lisa Hall was travelling to Dunkirk with her partner, Craig, and five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Oliver, at the start of September to visit friends using ferry company DFDS.

The 46-year-old was told before they left Dover that she would not be allowed to take Oliver out of the car during the two-hour trip. She returned to the car to find him dead, and fears he died from heat exhaustion.

“You’re told when you purchase your tickets you’re not allowed to take the dog out of the car and you have to park up, open the windows and leave water,” said Miss Hall, who has lived in Calne for six years and is a self-employed English teacher.

“The temperature even with the ventilation was stifling. I had concerns, it’s like leaving a child in a car and we didn’t want to leave him.

“My partner is still in shock. It still hasn’t dawned on him and the loss is hard to describe.”

After returning to the UK where Oliver – who Miss Hall had owned since he was a puppy – was cremated, she has now started a petition to make people aware of the dangers to their pets.

“DFDS basically said they are not to blame but now I want to try and put it out there that it is isn’t an actual law, it’s their policy.

“The only thing I feel I can do and for the sake of Oliver and to stop another dog dying is to start a petition.”

Her petition is at tinyurl.com/zv97p3u

DFDS said: “We sincerely regret the sad loss of Oliver. Our initial investigation indicates that Ms Hall’s vehicle was parked in a well ventilated area of the car deck, with the windows open to assist with airflow, as our policy on the carriage of pets advises. The cause of Oliver’s death is unclear.

"We are currently reviewing our procedures and will include learning from this incident.”