AFTER a week of fun in Calne, the first ever Calne Wordfest is due to come to a close this weekend, but not before a special appearance by director Christopher Miles.

The internationally acclaimed director will be at the closing event at John Bentley School on Saturday (October 1) where he will be discussing his work with Roald Dahl, carrying on the theme of the week. Mr Miles, who directed Roald Dahl in his series of Tales of the Unexpected, will be showing previously unseen footage of directing the famous author in the short story Neck.

Helen Bradley, 32 of King Edward’s Close, said: “Mr Miles approached us after someone showed him the programme to the Wordfest, he is a local man so it is great to have him coming along, and we are very excited. The theme for the Wordfest week has been Roald Dahl so it is fantastic to have someone who has worked closely with him come along. He has made a 20 minute DVD with behind the scenes footage of him directing Roald Dahl, Joan Colling and John Gielgud in Neck.”

After speaking to Mr Miles, it was apparent he thought it was a good idea and was eager to take part.

In a message to the Wordfest committee, Mr Miles wrote: “Glad you think I can help and contribute to your good idea of a literacy festival, which I am sure as a festival idea would have pleased Roald Dahl.”

The festival, which is in its first year, was conceived after research from the Multi Agency Forum found that one of the biggest issues people faced in the area which caused problems in life progression was literacy.

“Everyone was looking at barriers people face in their lives in the area and literacy was one of them. It was then decided that a literacy event would take place. The Multi-Agency Forum came up with the idea which then formed the Literacy Strategy Group, incorporating local businesses and volunteers as well as schools. Literacy isn’t just about reading, it can be about many things, over the week we have had cooking events and more,” added Miss Bradley.

The event on Saturday (October 1) will be taking place at John Bentley School from 6.30pm. As well as the talk from Mr Miles, comedian Will Hodgson will be joined by local musician Amy Walters and band Baseline. Entry for the event is free.