THE WIFE of a Kington Langley man who suffered life-changing injuries in a freak accident has had to launch a second fundraising campaign.

Now her husband is finally ready to be discharged from hospital, she claims a 'postcode lottery' funding system is keeping him there because their home does not have the necessary adaptations now he is wheelchair-bound.

Shelley Vinter, 40, of Dovey’s Terrace in Kington Langley, is desperate to have her husband Stewart back in their family home. He has spent 15 months in hospital, and is appealing to local people and businesses to help her make changes around the home so it is more accessible, as Mrs Vinter doesn't work herself, being the full time carer for the couple's children, she decided to make an online fundraising page to help the family get the money they need to bring Stewart home.

Mr Vinter, 43, who worked as a welder before the accident, suffered leg and neck injuries on June 30 last year after slipping in a paddling pool, leaving him paralysed from the chest down. He was resuscitated by his wife and neighbours before being taken to the RUH in Bath and then to Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Mrs Vinter, who last year fundraised successfully for a special wheelchair for her husband, said: “Stewart was supposed to leave the hospital in January but has been there ever since. We really need to be able to get wooden flooring so his wheelchair can move around the house.

"We have to get a fridge/freezer at the height Stu can reach. We also have to change our cooker as it’s gas and it's too dangerous for Stu to use. We need help with fundraising, as we have to change a lot of things, and Stu will be home, hopefully within the next three weeks.

“We aren’t entitled to anything. Everything seems to be a postcode lottery, we were provided with a special bed for Stewart but it is only a single, if we lived in Avon we were told we would be allowed a double bed so we could share it as husband and wife, so we are looking for companies or people to help fund us so we can be together properly."

Mr and Mrs Vinter have already managed to raise money for Mr Vinter's E-motion electric wheelchair, something that is essential as Mr Vinter cannot use the manual wheelchair which was provided by the NHS.

The couple were originally supposed to be married in July 2015, but had to delay the wedding after Mr Vinter's accident. They finally tied the knot at Odstock Hospital in Salisbury, where Mr Vinter was receiving specialist treatment for his spinal injuries.

“We have been married for nearly a year and we still haven’t lived together as man and wife. I just really want him to be able to come home. We have five children between us, Sam who is 14, and Lucy, 13, who are both Stewart’s children, and Chelsea, who is 19, Euan,18, and Jodie, 13. We all want him to be able to come home,” added Mrs Vinter.

Mrs Vinter has a Go Fund Me page where anyone who wants to help can make a donation. If anyone would like to donate visit