A FESTIVAL to celebrate the life and music of American star Eddie Cochran will be held in Chippenham once more, with hopes that a statue of the rock ‘n’ roll icon could eventually be built as a tribute.

The 21-year-old musician was killed on April 17, 1960, following a car crash on the A4 in Chippenham after performing at a gig in Bristol.

Despite dying at a young age, Cochran had influenced a generation with his rockabilly songs and tribute concerts and festivals have been held in the town over the decades.

The Eddie Cochran Revival Weekend will be held at the Olympiad Leisure Centre on October 1-2 and will include acts such as The Runaways, The Quantums and Johnny Flame and The Dragons amongst others.

Gareth Inker, of Rockabilly Western, which is organising the event, said: “Gwen Hale used to organise an Eddie Cochran event and I was quite lucky, she lived around the corner and she used to take me to all the events so I grew up with 50s music.

“We are marking his birthday, which is on October 3, as we wanted to remember and celebrate his life rather than his death.

“We will have 12 bands over two days and also two bands playing on Friday night at a pre-party at the Constitutional Club. Most of them will do some sort of cover on Eddie’s songs.

“There are a number of events, not just on Eddie Cochran, but 1950s in general but this event historically is always well received.

“Hopefully it will happen again next year.”

As well as trying to make the event a success, Mr Inker hopes to try and raise money for a statue in memory of Cochran.

He also hopes to repair the damaged plaque which marks the spot of Cochran’s crash on Rowden Hill.

“We have set up a fundraising project and a raffle will be held at the event,” added Mr Inker.

“The memorial seems to be so small and low to the ground and when the grass is cut the council seem to bang into it.

“We think the whole thing will cost about £10,000.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased from http://www.rockabilly-western.com