ALL pupils from Grittleton House School have found new schools for September, after the school closed yesterday.

Grittleton House School, based in the Wiltshire Cotswolds, announced last month on its website that it would be closing after 65 years due to the decreasing number of pupils.

Approximately 140 students attended the private school, which was closed for good yesterday (Wednesday, July 6).

Head teacher at the independent school Nathan Dawes said: “We’re very fortunate to be in an area with some excellent schools around us who have been very helpful to relocate pupils.

“The most important thing has been to make sure pupils were relocated.

“I just want to say to the children I just hope you have happy memories of your time here and don’t forget us.

“We want them to go off to their new schools and be successful.”

Forthcoming events which have been planned to take place at Grittleton House are not expected to be affected by the closure of the school.