CHIPPENHAM Town Band could be forced to stop playing if it does not find more members, according to band master Alan Horner.

Re-formed in 1992 after closing down in 1953, the band plays at local fetes, street fairs and charity events in the town and surrounding area and has a brass and woodwind section.

Despite being a popular and welcome attraction, it faces an uncertain future as numbers have fallen.

“We’re struggling for musicians and don’t have the size of band that we would like,” said Mr Horner, who started playing brass instruments in 1947 and has been with the Chippenham Town Band since 1992.

“The band re-formed because Chippenham Mayor Doug Cleverly wanted to start it up again and we had 14 members to start with, but over the years this went up to 28.

“At the moment we have about 12 people, which for our type of band is not really ideal.

“A lot of our members have either moved from Chippenham or one or two have moved to other bands.

“I do think people are playing less musical instruments these days. I have friends who play in brass bands and they are really suffering because of a lack of players.

“I’m concerned because we only have so much money which won’t carry us forever but we have rent to pay, it’s £40 a night to rehearse.”

The group rehearses every Monday from 7.15pm-9.15pm at The Cause, The Causeway, Chippenham.

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