HIGH STREET shop White Stuff has shown its support for the Swindon-based dogs’ charity SNDogs by welcoming two of the four-legged friends into the shop.

Members of the charity visited the shop in Marlborough High Street with two of their rescue dogs to introduce them to the owners after receiving support from the store.

Clare Fantini-Stephens, volunteer at SNDogs, said: “It went very well. We took two of our dogs with us. A lot of people were looking in to see them. We were in the shop a few weeks ago and the manager said that they would love to have the dogs come in with us. There are a few shops in Marlborough that allow dogs in which is great.”

The charity, which started in 2012, aims to help needy dogs find a happy home and is run by volunteers.

Mrs Fantini-Stephens said: “It all started when a small group of volunteers started walking dogs that were staying in Swindon pound so they would have a bit of human interaction. Volunteers then decided to take the dogs home until they could be rehoused.”

Manager of White Stuff, Lynne Muir, has shown her interest in the charity and has a collection point in the shop for donations.

Mrs Muir said: “We are a collection point for SNDogs where we encourage people to bring in toys and snacks which can be given to the dogs. As a company White Stuff also encourages us to support the community.

“The dogs were gorgeous and gathered a lot of interest from customers and passers-by. We have always been dog friendly but we haven’t been collecting for SNDogs for that long. We are arranging a time when a couple of volunteers and dogs will come up to the shop soon.”

For more information on the work SNDogs does you can visit the website at www.sndogs.uk.