SPICE Girl Melanie Chisholm visited Chippenham last weekend to record a single which will be released as part of an initiative to support refugees.

The 42-year-old – popularly known as Mel C or Sporty Spice – recorded Cosmic Shower (Lost Humanity) at Kandu Arts music studio to help them in their work with refugees.

Set up in 1997 and based on The Bridge in the town centre, Kandu Arts uses films, music, art and food to help young people experiencing difficulties in their life.

Kandu Arts director Ed Deedigan said: “I used to be a musician and I met Mel C from my time in London just as I was setting up Kandu Arts. She was quite intrigued by it not just because of the nature of working with disadvantaged children but because it appealed to her.

“Her mum has worked for the health service for as long as I have known her and so she’s a caring and hands-on patron and we are eternally grateful.

“It is fair to say and no exaggeration that without the support of Mel C, many less fortunate people would not have had opportunities to change their lives for the better.”

This will be the third single that Mel C has recorded for Kandu, after If That Were Me taken from her number one album Northern Star was used as part of a national homeless project.

This led to Kandu Arts’ work being brought to the attention of the department of Culture, Media and Sport and led to Mr Deedigan being invited on to a board of practitioners that advised ministers on the benefits of the arts and leisure.

For Kandu’s latest campaign, they will work alongside organisations that support refugees in order to offer an artistic, cultural outlet to participants to help communicate their needs, as well as working with British communities, schools and individuals.

“We’re doing stuff for refugee week in June because it’s got more and more relevant to young people because they are seeing it more in the news,” added Mr Deedigan.

“We work in schools about why and how refugees come about in the first place.

“We went to one school and some students said refugees were people who were coming over here to take out our jobs so it’s about having a conversation with them.”