TRUSTEES of Tytherton Village Hall are in a race against time to find a location for a new village hall and raise £300,000.

The lease of the current village hall, in the centre of East Tytherton, would only allow it to be used for a maximum of five years meaning the hunt for a new site has already begun.

Nic Pillow, a trustee of the village hall, said: “The lease technically ran out in January this year but we’re relying on an extension to stay there for only up to five years, but it might be less than that.

“There’s that risk we might be required to leave sooner.

“Private residents control the land and aren’t interested in what is a tin shack built right in the centre of the village, everyone understands that but we do have a problem.

“It’s all very casual, it’s not a special building but it is central to the village and holds a number of functions.”

The village hall was built in the 1920s and recently underwent a redecoration, including the purchase of new chairs and tables.

It hosts a number of functions, including WI meetings and parties, with the village hall charity established in 2013.

“We had quite a few options for sites about two or three years ago and we did pick one but then the neighbours didn’t like that,” said Mr Pillow, 44, of East Tytherton.

“We’re trying to be accommodating for everyone but everyone says they want a village hall, it’s fantastic for local people in the village to meet each other.

“The funding is obviously a concern as we think we’d have to raise £300,000 and even applying for grants takes a lot of work.”