VOLUNTEERS have been out and about in Devizes clearing up litter and dog poo in an attempt to make the streets and footpaths more attractive.

Zena Robson, chairman of the Devizes and Roundway In Bloom committee, led the team on a tour of Hillworth Road, Hartmoor Road and the footpath that leads to St John’s Churchyard.

It was the first outing for CURDS – Clean Up Roundway and Devizes Squad which is a new In Bloom initiative.

Ms Robson said: “We had people looking bemused and others who didn’t seem to notice at all. One lady came over to say thank you as she normally goes out with a black bag and is known as The Womble.

“In a few places the dog poo is appalling – great swathes of it on a small grassy area and dog poo bags tied in artistic fashion to anything that could be used."

The next clean up will be on March 12, meeting at Hillworth Park at 1pm. For more, go to CURDS on Facebook.

I pulled a can out of the undergrowth that was so rusty it could be sent to The British Museum as an artefact. Others came back with a toothbrush, a plastic Christmas tree and a dinosaur.”

“Over in the Castle Grounds, which we couldn’t get to, there are mounds of bottles, cans and goodness knows what else.

The squad also noticed a lot of discarded cigarette ends which had been ground in and were impossible to pick up. The CURDS group will also try and keep hedgerows under control and do some weeding and planting.