MULTIPLE concerns over plans for 2,200 homes at Rawlings Green and Chippenham Riverside have been raised by councillors at Chippenham Town Council.

Councillors will submit their comments to Wiltshire Council who will have to make a final decision on the plans.

Both developments are part of the Chippenham Site Allocation Plan which is in limbo following the suspension of a planning inquiry into its soundness by a planning inspector.

Despite this suspension, Wiltshire Council will need to make a decision on both developments or face a potential planning appeal from the developers over non-determination.

Access to the Rawlings Green is proposed to be through Darcy Close and, subject to planning permission, a bridge over the railway line from Parsonage Way.

However, Councillor Peter Hutton was not convinced saying: “It would be ludicrous to support this application without the second access being implemented. I think we should not support unless there’s a second access.”

Fellow councillor Robert Giles added: “From an access point of view it’s a non-starter without a second way in.”

Proposals for 1,500 homes in the East of Chippenham was also met with criticism by councillors who were quick to stress that the site was significantly bigger than the one proposed in the Chippenham Site Allocation Plan.

Councillor Nick Murry said: “They have gone well beyond what was previously proposed, it’s almost outrageous.”

The councillors’ views were supported by Isabel McCord from Bremhill who addressed the committee prior to the meeting.

She said: “I believe these planning applications are premature, the CSAP has not been agreed it’s been given back to Wiltshire Council to have another look at.”

“There’s a great danger Chippenham will be overwhelmed. What you will find is there’s not enough employment and there will only be out-commuting.

“It assumes the Eastern Link Road which is a huge assumption, there’s still the option of the Southern Link Road which is being considered by Wiltshire Council.”

Unitary councillor Chris Caswill added: “Both these applications are clearly premature. If these were accepted it would drive a coach and horses through the examinations in public and both have reduced their employment allocation from the draft core strategy.”