NEARLY 200 pupils from seven primary schools around Calne were at John Bentley on Tuesday for a Wiltshire Day at the secondary school.

The year five pupils took part in a number of lessons at the school as well as a special choir performance at lunchtime.

All the lessons were themed around Wiltshire, including science lessons on Joseph Priestley’s discovery of oxygen near Calne, geography lessons looking at maps of the surrounding area and in English the pupils looked at local dialects.

John Bentley School’s assistant head, Peter Grant, said: “They have some of their former students who are with us in year seven acting as guides for the day to take them to different lessons.

“The primary aim of the day is for them to enjoy their day at John Bentley and find out more about the county around them.

“It’s cross curriculum, so all the lessons were themed around Wiltshire. It’s easy for young people to live in the area and not appreciate it.”

This is the second year John Bentley have held the day for year five pupils with parents being invited to the school in the evening to learn more about the school and what their children have been up to.