A NEW record shop has opened in Chippenham town centre after a surge in demand for the retro music medium.

Scratch The Surface, spread across two rooms, had it's official opening on Saturday (Jan 23) with vinyls ranging from the 1920s to the present day and across all genres.

The multi-purpose shop, which buys as well as selling records, sits above Phase Patch craft shop on The Causeway and even has an antique and vintage section for customers.

Owner Simon Heaney said: "We sell pretty much everything, we're the hidden gem in Chippenham.

"We have always been very much into our music, we buy and sell quite a lot of different vinyls and as the records have become available to us, we have built quite a used collection.

"There's a huge up surge in demand for vinyl, especially from the younger generation, my daughter is 13 and six or seven of her friends got record players for Christmas.

"I think it's coming back into popular culture, they are talking about it on Eastenders, you start seeing these things in general view and it brings it to the attention of people.

"The older people who have had it in the loft are bringing them down and out again too. It's making people aware of that format."