The new REME Museum has officially moved into its new home in Lyneham ahead of opening to the community in the autumn.

After 57 years in Arborfield, Berkshire, the REME Museum closed to the public in April 2015 and began packing the collection.

Its collection includes over 1000 medals, 800 weapons which date back to the 17th century, 100 large military vehicles, as well as plaques, name boards, models, paintings, photographs, documents and trophies.

Overall more than 100,000 collection items have been relocated.

The museum exists to preserve the heritage of the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The Corps was formed in 1942, during the Second World War, and the collection has items dating from this period up to modern operations including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Work has already started with the help of the REME Recovery Mechanics who have moved a number of vehicles which will be part of the main display.

A spokesman said: “The relocation has given the museum a great opportunity to work with REME men and women to find out how they want to be represented, the successes and achievements of the Corps, and to draw out the many stories of bravery, perseverance and ingenuity which can be seen throughout the Corps history.”

The move comes as part of the larger Defence Technical Training Programme led by the Ministry of Defence which has seen all REME military training moved from Arborfield and Bordon into Lyneham.