A Devizes teacher and author has just signed a four book deal with a national publisher.

Anna Evans-Wylie, 49 of Quakers Road, Devizes, has signed a four book deal with a national publisher, Accent Press, which will see her release a trilogy of detective novels to accompany her debut novel, Life Without Me. Mrs Wylie is a teacher at Brinkworth’s Earl Danby’s CE Primary, acting as the English co-ordinator as well as teaching a number of other subjects.

Mrs Wylie, under the pseudonym of Anna Legat, said: “When I found out that my book was going to be published, I went from disbelief to euphoria, and back to disbelief, in a matter of minutes. I treaded carefully at first - two previous expressions of interest from literary agents had fizzled out, so I kept reminding myself that it could go either way until the contract was signed. But when the book hit the launch date, I allowed myself a modicum of self-indulgent pride, i.e. I went berserk with jubilation.

“For a first-time writer getting published is like being thrown a lifeline - it validates all the long and solitary hours you drown in what seems like a bottomless pit. It makes it all worth it and suddenly your secret passion becomes your real asset because a publisher is prepared to invest in it.”

Her debut novel, Life Without Me, tells the story of a fortysomething, hotshot lawyer who ends up in a coma. The main character, Georgie Ibsen, starts to get glimpses into the life of her loved ones while still in her comatose state.

Life Without Me is available on Amazon for Kindle at £1.99, paperback for £9.99 or in hardback for £19.99. The book is also available from any online book sellers, including Waterstones and WH Smiths.