NEW initiatives have been unveiled to promote Malmesbury including a Disney-like Discover Malmesbury logo and a new website.

The Discover Malmesbury project, which also involves the launch of a town guide, is the result of months of work by the Malmesbury Town Team which aims to boost and preserve its “ongoing prosperity.”

They follow a string of recent initiatives from the team that have included free town centre parking, a Friday Artisan and Farmers Market and the establishment of an annual Malmesbury food festival.

The guide and the website at will aid visitors from near and afar, said town team spokesman Gordon MacPherson.

He said: “Most people are aware of Malmesbury’s history but what the website and guide aims to get across is the sheer vibrancy of the town and of the many things which are going on here.”

Malmesbury has become home to the WOMAD festival at nearby Charlton Park, the BBC History Weekend and many other well-known music, history, arts and gardens event and festivals.

Mr MacPherson said the town also boasts a “stunning 12th century Abbey, an original Market Cross, a world famous Abbey House and Gardens and other fantastic history.”

However, what it did not have was a brand and a website which the Town Team felt were “missing links.”

He said: “We’ve now plugged that gap. We’re really pleased with the website. It’s now up and running and as it as evolves it will become dynamic, that’s for sure.”

The theme of the website, which features some stunning photographs from local photographer Robert Peel is: “Vibrant, Treasured & Historic.”

Mr MacPherson said the site had been designed to assist local people, day trippers and tourists from all over the country and even farther afield.

Research has shown that 60 per cent of visitors to the town centre were from the immediate area, with eight per cent from nearby towns such as Chippenham and Tetbury and the remaining 32 per cent from “far and wide.”

As such the guide had been tailored to cater for all visitors, he said.

Malmesbury’s eye-catching new logo was also an important factor in bringing people to the town centre and highlighting events there and will appear on promotional material.

Mr MacPherson said: “Importantly, people are working together, with the town council, Wiltshire Council, to get the best results for Malmesbury.”

He added: “We are delighted with the results and have also embarked on a marketing plan in conjunction with Visit Wiltshire and exploring other ongoing marketing opportunities”.