INSPIRED by watching his mother Angela Nettlefold tirelessly care for his disabled father, who was injured in the war, Julian Nettlefold has set up a memorial fund in her name for carers.

He watched her be a powerhouse as a Conservative district councillor for 15 years in Milton Lilbourne, near Pewsey, and fiercely fight for residents to have their voices heard, as well as being a mum to three and caring for her husband Michael.

The couple, who lived at Abbey House, Milton Lilbourne, met when they were in their 20s and Mr Nettlefold, who was left with no hands and one eye after a bomb accidentally exploded in a Second World War training exercise, was lovingly cared for by Mrs Nettlefold for more than 60 years, despite her having no medical training.

He died in June 2012 after suffering from dementia and Mrs Nettlefold died a year later aged 88 at Coombe End Court in Marlborough.

Her son Julian, 61, who works as a publisher and lives in London, has now created The Angela Nettlefold Memorial Fund for Carers in tribute to her.

“This memorial fund is in memory of my darling mother who looked after us all and never complained right up to her final breath,” he said.

“It is also for the thousands of male and female careers who unconditionally give up their lives to look after those they love who have been wounded in war.

"I salute you all and hope that the money we raise will make all your lives easier and the disabilities you live with easier to bear and mend, mentally and physically.

“When I was on Radio 2 on the Jeremy Vine show on Armistice Day in 2009 I said then that every disabled soldier has a force behind him or her to make their lives bearable - a mother, wife or husband."

Julian is also organising a horse racing event at Chepstow Racecourse on December 5 with all proceeds being donated to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association in aid of his mother’s memorial fund.

Mrs Nettlefold was well-loved by locals and also chair of the Devizes Constituency Conservative Association, so Julian is hoping friends and people she knew will support the fund.

He added: “She was amazing. She had lots of friends and she was really loved by the locals and fought for the residents with housing problems, she was very tough.”

Donations to The Angela Nettlefold Memorial Fund for Carers can be made online at: or by cheque to SAAFA, C/O Julian Nettlefold, 8 Sinclair Gardens, London, W14 0AT.