The swimming pool at Devizes Leisure Centre will be closed for over a week less than a year after it underwent a £2.4 million makeover.

Although the centre was largely remodelled, with a first floor added housing an activity room and dance studio, no work was done to the swimming pool, which was kept open during most of the work.

Now Kennet District Council is turning its attention to the pool water treatment room, which will be extensively renovated during the six-week programme of work, starting next Monday, May 14.

The work includes the removal and replacement of old and chemical-damaged storage bunds, shot blasting and coating of chemically impregnated walls and floor, and replacement of chemical storage tanks.

Kennet said it hoped to put in place temporary measures to keep the swimming pool open for most of the six weeks, but it was forced to close the pool between bank holiday Monday, May 28 and Wednesday, June 6.

Mark Smith, Kennet's director of environment and leisure, said: "Unfortunately, the specialist work involved will require the pool plant area to be completely shut down for this period, which prevents us from operating the swimming pool.

"We are aware of the disruption that will again be experienced to our service and this is regrettable." He added: "This work was planned as part of the recent refurbishment and the cost of this work has already been accounted for.

"This is another example of Kennet's commitment to providing leisure centres and ensuring they are fit for purpose."