POLICE fear a decison by the British National Party to put patrols on the streets of Calne will add to the town's problem with yobs.

The BNP claims it will have patrols working by the end of the week and they will help to stamp out problems with gangs and attacks.

But Inspector Gavin Williams of Calne Police Station said "What people don't realise is that we will have to police the patrols to make sure nothing untoward is happening.

"This will distract us from other jobs meaning we won't be able to do what we should be getting on with."

The BNP move comes two weeks after town councillor Dave Bland was injured when teenagers got out of control and just over a week after a 35-year-old man was beaten with a hammer while his girlfriend was held at gunpoint during the violent robbery at the home in The Green.

The 20-year-old female occupant of the flat was pinned to the floor by one of the men while her boyfriend was repeatedly hit around the head and arms with the hammer.

The victims, who were both injured, managed to escape and ran into the street to raise the alarm.

BNP member Robert Baggs says the success of similar patrols in Corsham means there is also hope for Calne.

He said complaints from locals about antisocial behaviour have been instrumental in organising the patrols.

Wiltshire BNP chairman Mike Howson sparked controversy last month when he set up patrols in Corsham.

Mr Howson claims the vigilante patrols were a response to concern by Corsham residents about thugs in the town.

Mr Baggs says the most recent attack illustrates the need for regular patrols.

He said: "Of course the patrols are set to combat anti-social behaviour in the town mostly but we can't let people worry about stepping out into their own street.

"The only way we can prevent things like this happening is with regular patrols on the street and as the police are not providing that service, we will.

"We tend to ask ex-service personnel to volunteer because they already have the discipline to do the job well."