REGULARS of The Three Crowns flocked to the Chippenham pub on Sunday to recreate a century old photograph.

The black and white picture, which has been on the wall of the back room since landlord Steve Jenner took over five years ago, features a shepherd with his flock in the road in front of The Causeway pub.

It is thought to have been taken about 100 years ago when the pub was owned by Blakes.

Abi Newton spotted it on the cover of the Inns of Wiltshire book by Andrew Swift and Kirsten Elliott, and thought it would be good fun to recreate it with Mr Jenner as the shepherd, his crook resting on his knee.

She wasn’t alone and about 70 people dressed in woollen jumpers and fleecy onesies turned up at the weekend to be part of the ‘flash flock’, bringing their Gromits and blow-up sheep to join the life size sheep loaned by Chippenham Museum.

Miss Newton spent four hours on Saturday afternoon making masks for everyone to wear and said it was a shear delight to see so many take part.

Among them were five-month-old Rowan with her parents Chaney and Darren Howells, of Pewsham, who met in The Three Crowns.

Passing motorists beeped their horns and waved as they were herded together, black sheep and all.

Miss Newton, 43, of Cepen Park South, said: “Steve looked exactly like the shepherd in the picture. That really sets it off, it makes me laugh.”

Her own mask had a crown and crown earrings to represent the pub’s name, while others had bright red lips and one even a Charlie Chaplin bowler hat and moustache.

The photo shoot was followed by barbecued lamb burgers, though the pictured lamb is safe and well.

The event raised £130 for the four charities supported by the pub – Alzheimer’s Society, the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust, Cancer Research and Combat Stress.

CDs of the photos will be available to buy from the bar and by emailing