CCTV volunteers in Calne are celebrating this week after catching thieves and vandals in the act on camera.

On February 8 a new CCTV volunteer, who wishes to remain nameless, spotted a gang of vandals drawing on the wall of Charcoal Grill in High Street.

Just two days later on February 10 the same man tracked down thieves who had made their escape from Sainsbury's supermarket.

Thanks to the sharp-eyed volunteer, police were able to find and arrest three youths in connection with the theft.

The graffiti footage has also been taken by police to identify the vandals.

The same tape helped identify a group of youngsters wanted in connection with a broken window.

The tape will now be used as evidence if the police take action against the youngsters.

Community development officer Mark Wilkins said: "Volunteers are vital to the success of the CCTV scheme and we are obviously thrilled that so many incidents were captured on camera."

Anyone who would like to volunteer and can spare a minimum of three hours per month should contact Calne Town Council on (01249) 814000.

Calne's CCTV system was set up in 2001 with money raised by Calne Town Council and a grant from North Wiltshire District Council.

However, it was another year before a proper monitoring station was set up in the town and five volunteers were recruited.

Mr Wilkins said that the volunteers enabled the footage to be watched live, rather than reviewed.

The town council now continues to fund the scheme, which costs £12,000 a year.