CRUELLA de Vill and her dalmatians welcomed pupils to Heddington Primary School last Thursday ahead of their World Book Day celebrations.

Headteacher Ashley Martin and his staff adopted the costumes for last Thursday's literacy day and pupils weren't going to miss out either, taking the opportunity to dress up as Fantastic Mr Fox, Paddington Bear and many more of their favourite book characters.

The school welcomed local author of the Whimsy Wood book series, Sarah Hill, who read to the children before conducting a question and answer session.

Mr Martin said: "It was fantastic and the kids had a great time.

"Everyone got dressed up the staff, as Cruella de Vil and her dalmatians which the children thought were superb, and the children made a huge effort and entered into the spirit of it too.

"It is to inspire them and say life does not have to be serious all the time.

"It has to get the kids enthusing and if you can do that in a fun way I am not going to say no.

"The day opens new avenues, access to new things and is key learning experience you can provide at primary school to help enrich the curriculum.

The pupils also managed to take a break from their literacy games to spend their World Book Day vouchers at a book fayre run by Jo Batchelor from Devizes Books.