Mark Newton, a 48 year-old ex-soldier from Swansea, has visited two Wadworth pubs on his latest long-distance journey on his mobility scooter. The Plough at Shalbourne near Marlborough and the White Hart at Wroughton both welcomed Mark and his two cats as they passed through the area.

Mark who was injured whilst serving in Cyprus in 1991, has already completed two epic journeys. His first was a circumnavigation of Wales followed by a 12,000 mile trek around Great Britain last year. During his travels he has raised many thousands of pounds for service charities.

His current mission is to visit and photograph every War Grave, Memorial, Lifeboat Grave and Memorial he can find – there are more than 360,000 of these in Great Britain. He has started this journey in Wiltshire, and visited the Wadworth pubs while travelling to photograph local memorials.

Mark travels on his mobility scooter with a trailer which is his mobile home. He is accompanied everywhere by his two faithful cats, Missy and Smudge. Mark estimates that it might take him ten years to complete the mission, and after Wiltshire he is moving on to Devon where he expects to spend three months.

“We are delighted to offer Mark free overnight space and services for his scooter and trailer at Wadworth pubs while he undertakes this incredibly ambitious project,” said Marketing Manager Emma Cottam. “He’s making a massive effort to raise money for charity and we are very happy to offer him a little help along the way.”