CAMPAIGNERS in Cherhill have gained over 140 signatures on a petition against the development of a new village hall.

The Save Cherhill Field group fear a new hall, on the corner of Park Lane and the A4, would not be in-keeping with the rest of the village.

Local residents have also voiced concerns about views from the Cherhill Downs being spoilt and increases in noise and traffic.

Park Lane resident Susan Lambert, who started the petition, said: “There’s quite a few of us in the village think that any building on the field will be inappropriate.

“I think as you walk on the Cherhill Downs and approach from the A4 you will be able to see it, obviously we are waiting to see the plans but from our prospective when we are talking about such a large car park I don’t know how you will hide that.

Plans are being drawn up following a public meeting earlier this month which discussed the possibility of using land donated by local farmer Andrew Ainslie.

Mrs Lambert said: “We are concerned about the cars and the noise from the building and the negative impact this will have on Cherhill Downs and the conservation area. I just think it’s an inappropriate development on a sensitive site.”

Earlier this year, 158 questionnaires were completed to gauge public opinion with 87 raising no concerns and 15 objecting to the plans.

John Cavanagh, from the village hall steering group, said: “Our recent questionnaire showed that we have the support of the village behind us.

“We all live in Cherhill and so we have a deep interest in ensuring that any changes to our village are reasonable, sensitive and sustainable.

“The generous donation of land for a new village hall has given Cherhill a wonderful opportunity to benefit current villagers and future generations.

“Nevertheless, we would urge anyone with reservations to become involved in the project so that their voice can be heard and their concerns addressed.

The land lies outside Wiltshire Council’s village boundary but the steering group hope a community building supported by the village would be given permission.

The petition can be found here.