Virtuoso guitar player Jon Gomm will be playing at St Mary's Church, Devizes, as part of a UK tour on Saturday, March 21.

It will follow a 12-date tour of German cities.

Jon's plays in a poly-rhythmic finger tapping and plucking style, which amazes guitarists of all ages and abilities.

Organiser Kieran Moore said: "Having Jon perform in such a vast, yet intimate space will really show off his style which will be as equally entertaining to watch as it will be to listen.

"Jon Gomm performed at Devizes Festival a few years ago, continuing the festival's strong tradition of dealing with the best musicians the UK has to offer and he also performed a charity event with Newton Faulkner in Avebury in 2014."

Last year Jon began to conduct workshops with schools across the country, including a residency on the Isle Of Man, where Jon toured with Chris T-T conducting workshops, and helping young musicians write songs before performing each evening with them showing off their new found abilities.

Jon has a Youtube channel through which he regularly releases new material and shares though his social network with each new video rarely receiving less than 100,000 views.

His biggest "hit" to date, Passionflower, above, has had more than eight million views.