Supporters of Becky Godden-Edwards' mum, Karen, today thanked everyone who has backed her quest to get justice for her daughter after the arrest of a 51-year-old man last night.

The Justice For Becky Facebook page posted: "Needless to say we are unable to make any comment at this time other than to thank everyone who supported the petition and kept Becky's memory fresh in everyone's minds xxx

"Thank you all for your continued support - and let's remain positive that the appropriate conclusion is reached after this week's breaking news. xx"

Mum Karen Edwards has been fighting for justice for years and has always been confident of a conviction.

Late yesterday evening, four years after the body of murdered Becky Godden-Edwards, 21, was returned to her family, came a breakthrough in the case with an arrest being made. 

Detectives have been working around the clock in a bid to uncover fresh evidence in the case after justice for the horrific abduction and murder slipped through their fingers in 2011.

New evidence uncovered by the major crime team led officers to make an arrest and a 51-year-old man remains in custody on suspicion of the murder of Becky toward the end of 2002.

Her remains were found in a field in Eastleach, Gloucestershire, in 2011.

Officers have distributed appeal posters in the area and urged anyone who saw Miss Godden-Edwards over Christmas 2002 and into the new year to get in touch.

Lead detective DCI Sean Memory said last night: “We can confirm that a 51-year-old man from Swindon was arrested today on suspicion of the murder of Becky Godden, also known as Becky Godden-Edwards.

“He has been interviewed and inquiries continue. It is in the interests of justice for Becky that you do not speculate on the identity of the arrested man, as to do so could seriously jeopardise the judicial process.”

Local commander for Swindon, Supt Andrew Carr, said: “We understand that the arrest of a man in connection with the death of Becky Godden, also known as Becky Godden-Edwards, will be of interest to the community.

“This is a case which has touched many of us and our thoughts continue to be with Becky's family.

“We will keep the community updated with further information when appropriate.”

Karen Edwards has said: “When people die under normal circumstances you are able to adapt to the situation, but I am still finding it hard to accept what happened.

“If there is no conviction then it makes my daughter’s life seem worthless, but she was a human being and she deserves justice, just like we deserve justice as a family.

“All we want is Becky’s killer convicted. Everything went quiet for such a long time and that was a huge frustration, but things were still bubbling away behind the scenes.”