A LOVING daughter who has devoted every spare moment to caring for her elderly parents had the time of her life at the theatre thanks to the Adver’s Christmas Wish.

Following the death of their daughter Rebecca, Ian and Daphne Parker’s health swiftly deteriorated leaving them to rely heavily on their other children for support.

The responsibility fell on Jayne Witts as well as her five sisters to look after them. Through her mother’s irreversible descent into dementia, Jayne has acted as an emotional brace and a rock for her family.

To thank her for her devotion, her sister Cordelia Dudgeon nominated Jayne – a theatre enthusiast – to receive a well-deserved treat for Christmas and a much-needed break from her draining duties.

The Adver waved its magic wand and on Thursday Jayne, her daughter Katie, Cordelia, and their sister Heather travelled to Oxford’s New Theatre to take in the all-dancing all-singing Dirty Dancing show.

“Mum and dad are 82 and 84 and have been quite poorly since my youngest sister passed away of breast cancer in 2013,” said Cordelia, 44, of Ferndale.

"She was only 39. Dad has been hospitalised a number of times with different health issues since 2012.

"On his return home Jayne has been the main carer for him, helping him with personal care and health issues. Many a time she would be there late at night helping dad, even sacrificing having time with her own family.

“My mother has vascular dementia. Her condition has deteriorated dramatically since the death of my youngest sister, so as well as looking after my dad she has also been the main carer for my mum. In September my mother was sectioned under the mental health act and taken to hospital for a while.

“Jayne was present when my mum was taken away and it’s something I don’t think she will ever forget. Mum is currently in the care of the brilliant staff at the Victoria Centre. Jayne has been doing most of the legwork in trying to get mum into a care home, with lots of ups and downs along the way.”

The theatre trip acted as an early present for the mother-of-four, who will celebrate her 50th birthday tomorrow.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out,” said the 49-year-old of Park South. “I was a bit embarrassed to be nominated but it was lovely. It was so nice and special of my sister.

“Our parents have always been there for us, looking after us. You just do what you can for your parents. My sisters have helped out as well. My husband Kevin has also been a great support to me when my sister was ill.

“I spent a lot of time with her away from home and looking after mum and dad; he has been very understanding.”

Dean Stewart, general manager at the New Theatre, said: “The New Theatre is delighted to support the Swindon Advertiser’s Christmas Wish campaign and give Jayne and her guests a VIP experience to Dirty Dancing here at the New Theatre.

“We were incredibly touched when we heard of Jayne’s devotion to her family and wanted to make sure this Christmas had extra sparkle for her.”

The family travelled to Oxford in their own chauffeur-driven car courtesy of Dangerfield's Executive Travel Ltd.

Director Nick Young said: “The reason we are providing transport for free is to put something back into the local community at Christmas time when the real essence of Christmas is to give and be thankful for what you have.”