Pupils from seven primary schools took part in a day of activities commemorating the First World War at John Bentley School in Calne.

Holy Trinity, Priestley and St Dunstan in Calne, St Nicholas in Bromham, Cherhill, Heddington and Hilmarton took part last Wednesday.

Lessons were dedicated to remembering the fallen and what they fought for, with English looking at poetry and history at what life may have been like in a trench.

In ICT, children used sound effects to bring the poetry to life and in drama they created a group piece inspired by the book Forgotten Voices of the Great War.

Assistant head Peter Grant said: “We felt it important for the children to have an understanding of what happened in World War One and, by having a day of different activities, including an act of remembrance, it gave the children an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of what happened.”

Pupils learned war songs and heard soldier Frederick Britton’s story, leading up to his death in battle on the Western Front.

They were shown his medals by Laurence Rogers, who retired as head of humanities last summer.