IT MAY be over six months away, but plans for the Old Town Festival are already taking shape.

This week, the new committee was appointed and the dates were set for the 2015 festival, which will run from June 6 to 14.

Josie Williams, from Commonweal School, who also co-ordinates the Town Gardens Little Big Festival, has been named as the chairwoman and is promising a family friendly event.

She said: “I’ve been involved in the event for the last 10 years but I’ve never been chair before so it is exciting. I’ve got a lot of experience in organising events through the school.

“We’ve got some fresh young blood on the committee this year too so there’s lots of new ideas being brought to the table and lots of exciting things in the pipeline.”

The festival will kick off with a busy weekend with the usual barbecue on the Lawn alongside the Commonweal Performing Arts Marquee, and a parade through Wood Street.

It will come to an end with a music extravaganza in the Old Town Bowl in the Town Gardens.

“The Marquee is always hugely popular because everyone’s relatives always love to see their family members perform- ing,” said Josie.

“We’re going to try and introduce a few different things this year but it will remain very much a family event, and we are hoping to get lots of schools involved.

“The Old Town Festival dates back many years and I think it has survived so long because it has become tradition. It would be interesting to find out when the first event took place.

“I think it is so popular because it is all mainly free which encourages people to come along and there is something for everyone to enjoy, of all ages.”

Although the 12 members of the committee have been appointed, there will be a need for volunteers to lend their time during the festival.