People in Urchfont voted on the future of the village at a consultation on Saturday.

The meeting on the Urchfont, Wedhampton and Lydeway Neighbourhood Plan gave villagers the chance to vote on future housing developments.

There was a presentation of progress to date in regards to the Neighbourhood Plan and residents were then able to vote on proposed sites.

Urchfont parish councillor Simon Holt said “We started looking at producing a Neighbourhood Plan within one week of the Localism Act being passed in 2011. To date we have undertaken two written consultations and completed about eight public consultations and meetings.

“The consultation on Saturday went very well and over 120 people came to have their say on 14 proposed developments.

“This is the first time that parishioners have been able to vote on the location of building sites in the Parish. A further evening presentation will be held to give everyone the opportunity to comment on the development site proposals.”

The parish has analsysed existing housing and commissioned a housing needs survey by Wiltshire Council.

The draft plan needs to be completed, after which there will be a six-week parish-wide consultation.

The plan will then be submitted to Wiltshire Council followed by a public examination and local referendum.

If successful, the plan will form a significant part of Urchfont Parish Council and Wiltshire Council’s planning policy.

More information about the pla at at Wedhampton_and_Lydeway_Neighbourhood_Plan