Who designed and approved a library with no doors and placed beside a noisy cafeteria and a climbing wall just outside the library entrance?

This is the location of the new library in the Corsham community campus still under construction.

A library requires the time and quiet to browse the literature, and in the case of information gathering, to read carefully and in peace, the detail available.

This will be impossible when the wall is in use (not their fault) and the catering under way.

Even ignoring the impact on library users, what arrangements have been made to protect the library assets (eg books, DVDs and not least the IT equipment) in an unlocked environment?

Is this just a not so subtle plan to reduce library use and then close it down for something more profitable but considerably less useful and beneficial to the community?

Come on town council, have some sense and construct soundproof doors to the library immediately.

H W Joiner, West Park Road, Corsham.