The Market Cross in Devizes had a grand re-unveiling on Tuesday, as part of the carnival fortnight, to mark 200 years since it was built.

It was originally paid for by the first Viscount Sidmouth, Henry Addington, and was completed and unveiled in 1814 to replace two older monuments.

The idea to celebrate the anniversary was that of the present Viscount Sidmouth Jeremy Sidmouth, along with his cousin the High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Peter Addington, both direct descendants of Henry Addington.

Viscount Sidmouth said many people did not really realize the significance of the first Viscount Sidmouth and his role as MP for Devizes, then Prime Minister.

“The original viscount wasn’t here very much, but both me and Peter live in the area, so we wanted to tell people the story, but have a bit of fun with it,” he said.

Devizes Mayor Sarah Bridewell, also took part and the light hearted re-enactment was aided by street theatre actors from The Natural Theatre Company.