Bromham man Ed Dyke has been getting funny looks as he prepares for a charity ride on an unusual mode of transport.

Mr Dyke, 19, has set himself the challenge of riding a scooter 230 miles from Land’s End to Bromham to raise money for Parkinson’s UK.

He is using a Kickbike scooter, which has a large bicycle front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, resembling an old Penny Farthing. It has no pedals so all the power comes from the rider.

Mr Dyke, of St Edith’s Marsh, said: “The Kickbikes are starting to become a big thing in Europe but over here they are virtually unheard of.

"I get funny looks when I am out training as people haven’t seen it before. It’s pretty tough to ride it, my hips and shoulders ache.”

The different-sized wheels enable a much faster ride than a standard scooter and Mr Dyke said the average speed he reaches is 10mph, although considerably faster when going downhill.

Mr Dyke, an outdoor activity instructor, will ride out on August 30 and hopes to complete it in just under a week, riding for about eight hours a day. His father, Richard, will be driving a support vehicle alongside him.

Mr Dyke is raising money for Parkinson’s UK as his grandfather, Paul Dyke, 69, a retired builder, has been living with Parkinson’s for more than five years.

Ed Dyke said: “Most of my family have done fundraising things so I thought it was my turn. I’ve seen first hand how horrible this condition can be and how it has affected my grandad. I hope I can raise over £1,000.”

Mr Dyke has an online giving page at